HOW TO: style dungarees

today i'm gonna show you how to style these popular dungarees. dungarees comes in short and long version, personally i like them both! i have orderd a pair of dungarees and i can't wait to style them! i like to style it simple so it's alot of white, black and just basic colors. the dungarees draw so much attention, so i think it's okay to mix it with some simpel pieces.
1. crop-tops are super trendy now, and to mix that with a dungaree would be super awesome! you can also change color on the crop-top. every color would work♥ this outfit is perfect for those day's you want to be simple, but still very fashionable.

 simple 2

2. the dungarees is very fun, but i would look very sofisticated if you put a flowy shirt under and added a nice pair of high-heeled sandals. i would wear this look if i'm going to work or just taking a coffee with my friends.


simple 3

3. here you have the long dungarees. i think they are super cute and awesome. i personally thinks stripes is a super pretty with denim. the hat gives it a fun-vibe but if you add som black high heels it will make it look more sofisticated. since this outfit is very basic add a super bright color on your lips.



4. THE CROP TOP! I FREAKING LOVE IT! i think it would give the dungarees a even funnier and younger look if you added this croptop. you can wear any types of shoes but i personally thinks i white pair of flatforms would complete the look. this tips is optional, but if you add a tie a leather jacket around  waits, it would be super awesome!

i hope you guys liked this blogpost! 

-what outfit would you wear out of these ones? 1,2,3 or 4?

sorry if i spelled something wrong, i will change it later! see y'all!♥

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